Talin Megherian studied painting at The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, and received her BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1985. She also studied painting in Rome at RISD’s European Honors Program in 1984-85. She was a recipient of a 1991 Pennsylvania Council On The Arts Fellowship and was chosen “Artist to Watch in 1992” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In 1992, she received the Gloria Fitzgibbons Award from the Greater Pittsburgh Commission for Women. She has exhibited her work on the east and west coast, Rome and Scotland. Talin studied Italian Renaissance painting first hand and her work incorporates her Italian’s Master’s influences while also borrowing imagery from diverse sources of Armenian art, Mexican art, Surrealism and religious iconography. Talin’s visual vocabulary weaves together recognized symbols with common objects to explore issues of identity, empowerment and rebirth using additive and subtractive painting techniques that imply a collage format. Talin resides in Watertown, Massachusetts. She teaches art at the Atrium School (Watertown, MA). Her most current work gives voice to the history of Armenian genocide while also celebrating her heritage and its rich traditions.